Patients with Kidney Cancer Will be Tested for the First Time With A Personalized Vaccine


For the first time, the personalized cancer vaccine has been paired with an immunotherapy drug.  The famous scientists at Dana-Faber Cancer Institute are planning to do a test using this innovative strategy.  This mainly alleviates the risk of kidney cancer patients who are vulnerable to the recurrence of the disease post surgery.  This bilateral technique aims at mobilizing the cancer patient’s immune reaction against the cancer cells which are present in the human body post surgery.  The scientists are prepared to test the personalized cancer vaccine in a first phase clinical trial in 15-20 patients.  It has been the very first time for an innovative and more customized form of the vaccine, combined with the immunotherapy drugs, will be tested on kidney cancer patients who have already gone through the cancer removal surgery.


According to David Braun -the scientist leading this trial phase, along with Patrick Ott & Toni Choueiri, “The people enrolled for the first trial phase include the cancer patients who already have had their cancer removed completely through the surgical treatment.”  Although their post-surgery reports were all clear, there was no evidence of the cancer cells remaining in the test subjects kidneys.  Scientists believe half of the total kidney cancer patients are prone to suffer from the cancer recurrence.  This is commonly caused due to the presence of undetected tumor cells in their kidneys. Currently, there are minimal treatments or surgical procedures which can prevent the recurrence of cancer in the kidneys.

Immunotherapy drugs are showing positive results in treating even the most advanced phases of some cancers and have improved the chances of treating different types of cancer.