Only 10 Minutes For Detecting Cancer


Scientists say that a particular type of DNA signature is present in cancerous cells which leads to its easy detection that is done by a blood test which is considered accurate up to 90%. This test is lower in cost than gene sequencing so might be really helpful.

At the University of Queensland’s this test helped to diagnose in the blood sample of cancer victims within 10 minutes.

Professor Matt Trau assures scientists about the accuracy and competency of this test. He says that “This happens in one drop of fluid”. Actually, he is indicating the principle followed in the blood test. There are nanoparticles of gold which change color and serve as an indicator in detecting cancer. The distinctive signature of researchers was called cancer ‘methylscape.’ Trau encountered cancer positive results where a highly predictable pattern in each case.

Tumors mostly develop with a methylation pattern but, that’s not always. Methylation marks decide that whether the pieces of DNA should be read or not. Adhesion of methylation marks to nanoparticles indicate the presence of cancer. Using this principle researchers at Australia invented the blood test that would prove itself a remarkable invention for diagnosing cancer.

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