Olive Oil – The Amazing Elixir


For thousands of years, long before science was able to prove all the health benefits it can provide, olive oil has been considered a remarkable liquid possessing a multitude of uses and beneficial properties for humanity. Nowadays, besides cooking, olive oil has also found applications in other areas, like cosmetics or pharmaceutics.

Native to the Mediterranean region, the olive tree favors warmer climates with an abundance of sunshine and constant high temperatures. Medium in size, with oblong leaves, it produces some beautiful flowers and eventually the fruit, small drupes. The oil is extracted through a process of pressing the ripened fruit.

What makes olive oil so special is the amount of monounsaturated fatty acids (MUFAs) along with antioxidants like polyphenols, phytosterols and vitamin E. Fat is one of three macronutrients essential for the human diet, together with proteins and carbohydrates.

Rich in healthy fats, olive oil is known to improve circulations and help against heart problems by lowering LDL cholesterol. There are studies suggesting that it could actually prevent and even manage type 2 diabetes. It is also linked with managing weight loss, general health and a whole slew of other health improvements.

The most exciting prospect is exploring its effects on lowering cancer risk. There are countless reports describing a significantly lower incidence of cancer cases for subjects that regularly consume olive oil as part of their diet. What is more enthusiastic, is the wide variety of cancers on which it seems to have a positive effect, including ones that target the bladder, stomach, lungs, esophageal etc.

No wonder olive oil is considered a superfood as it provides so many benefits. Take advantage of all its natural properties and stay healthy!