Nutrients from Food Sources –Not Supplements for Lower Risk of Deaths Due to Cancer

A recent study has revealed that nutrients that are derived from natural food sources –and not supplements are responsible for lowering the overall risks of deaths due to cancer.

A new study has revealed that nutrients that are obtained from natural food sources are responsible for lowering the risks of deaths due to cancer –and, not the ones derived from supplements. When you have the intake of adequate amount of nutrients, it helps in reducing the all-cause mortality rates. However, the nutrients should be derived from natural food sources –not supplements. As per the study, there has been no link between the use of the dietary supplement and the lowered risks of deaths.

Taking the Right Nutrients

While the study recommends not taking supplement-based nutrients, the excessive intake of calcium has been linked with increased risk of deaths due to cancer. This was associated with doses of excess calcium in the form of supplements –exceeding 1000 mg/day. The results of the particular study were published in the leading journal “Annals of Internal Medicine.”

Fang Fang Zhang –an Associate Professor at the reputed Friedman School of Nutrition Science & Policy, Tufts University, states, “As the overall potential harms, as well as benefits of supplement-based nutrients, are continuously studied, there are some studies that have revealed respective associations between the consumption of excess nutrients and the relative harmful effects. The harmful effects also include the increased risk of developing certain types of cancers.” Fang further explains that it is vital to understand the role of nutrients as well as its source in the overall health outcomes.

The Study Involving Nutrients

The particular study made use of a representative sample that comprised relevant data from over 27,000 adults in the US aged 20 years & above. The sample was collected for evaluating the link between dietary use of supplements and deaths due to all causes including cancer and cardiovascular diseases. The researchers analyzed that whether excess or adequate nutrients intake was linked with deaths or if the intake of nutrients from food or supplements had any effect on the respective association.

As such, the fitness freaks out there can look forward to consuming more food-based nutrients in comparison to the ones obtained from the supplements out there.

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