Nurse with Stage-4 Esophageal Cancer Now Cancer-free with this New Tech.

The nurse who was unaware that she had esophageal cancer of stage 4 until she started coughing up blood, is not cancer-free with the help of this innovative technology.

After revealing symptoms of fatigue in 2013, Karie Fisher –a professional nurse, went to the doctor. However, she was shocked to find out that her fatigue symptoms were much more than the mere deficiency of Vitamin D. It was a fearful experience for her when she started coughing up blood suddenly. She learned that she was diagnosed with Stage 4 esophageal cancer –a deadly illness accounting for just around 1 percent of the cancers that are diagnosed in the USA.

Karie’s Case

As Karie lived in a very rural area, most of the neighborhood was unaware of esophageal cancer. Karie, who is 43 currently, knew that something was wrong the moment she spat up blood. She went to the ER when she was immediately referred to Denver for further diagnosis and treatment.

In Denver, Fisher was hospitalized for around 10 days. On her 8th day of hospitalization, she realized that her cancer had spread to the liver. It was then she came across Dr. Toufic Kachaamy –a senior doctor at the Cancer Treatment Centers of America in Phoenix, USA.

How Fisher Became Cancer-free

Dr. Toufic began Fisher’s treatment with conventional options of chemotherapy and radiotherapy. This was carried on for several years. However, all the treatments caused no change to her tumor. At the same time, Dr. Toufic presented Fisher with another option –referred to as “truFreeze.” It is a revolutionary therapy in which spray chemotherapy gets targeted at the point of the tumor. Spray chemotherapy was targeted at the tumor that was located in Fisher’s throat. After 3 consecutive treatments, Dr. Toufic said that the tumor in Fisher’s body started responding. Eventually, the tumor got small enough to be removed surgically.

For five years, Fisher is in the complete remission state. She explains that most patients are yet not aware of this type of cryotherapy. In addition to the traditional forms of chemotherapy and radiotherapy, advanced treatment options like truFreeze also serve to be new hope in the field of ensuring effective cancer treatment. As such, more people should be aware of such revolutionary treatments out there.

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