Novel Blood Tests Help in Predicting Risks & Survival of Kidney Cancer 5 Years Before Diagnosis


A major bio marker of kidney disease can help in predicting the “clear cell kidney cancer” –the most common form of kidney cancer –several years before the actual diagnosis. The KIM-1 (Kidney Injury Molecule -1) could be detected in blood & urine which is generally present at lower volumes in individuals with healthy lifestyles.

The KIM-1 turns out to be a vital and highly useful biomarker for predicting any major kidney injury. In a recent study that was published in the journal Clinical Cancer Research by BWH Investigators, explored that fact that whether or not a blood test can help in detecting the higher levels of KIM-1 in the patients who might develop the risks of developing kidney cancer –after around 5 years. The results of the study reveal that KIM-1 biomarker helped in substantially distinguishing between those who had the risks of developing kidney cancer and those who did not.

The early detection of kidney cancer could be life-saving in several ways. It can also help in the prevention of kidney cancer effectively. The scientists claim that they can cure kidney cancer when it will be detected at an early stage. Kidney cancer, however, turns out to be asymptomatic and several patients who have kidney cancer have usually developed the advanced stage at the time of diagnosis. The results of the study reveal that with further refinement in the tests, KIM-1 is known to have the potential of identifying the patients with early stages of curable kidney cancer in an effective manner