New Treatment Brings Hope to Those Who Have Prostate Cancer

New Treatment Brings Hope to Those Who
Prostate Cancer

Just over the month ago, I got the news that hundreds and millions of people every year get.  I was in my doctor’s office and had gone through some tests on my prostate.  Three months ago I had my PSA taken and it was 2.17, and I thought I had nothing to be worried about.  But… My doctor said “You have cancer.  You have both stage 3 and stage 4 cancer cells in your prostate.”

I thought “This is not supposed to happen to me.  I exercise everyday.  I eat a very healthy diet.  I take the right vitamins and supplements. I don’t smoke.  I don’t take drugs, and I don’t drink.”  But, it did happen to me.  At this time I am having to choose which doctors I am going to have on my team.  I am having to decide which procedure I am going to have.  I am going through more tests to find out if the cancer has metastasized, or if we can treat in more locally.  My life has begun another journey which will bring anxiety and fear not only for me but my wife, children, grandchildren, and so many of my close friends.

As I do my daily research on what new developments in treatments and possible cures for all kinds of cancer, I came across some research about a week ago that gives me hope, and I am sure millions of others who are suffering from prostate cancer.

At the recent annual meeting of the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) a new treatment was announced for prostate cancer.  This treatment hones or targets only cancer cells and kills them without damaging surrounding healthy cells.  The technology uses a radiation molecule that damages and kills the cancer cell, and again it doesn’t harm non-cancerous cells.  It was also noted that this treatment can locate other types of cancer cells and destroy them too.

Dr. Michael Morris from Memorial Sloan Kettering who was one the researchers said “ Effective treatments are limited for metastatic prostate cancer that has progressed despite treatments that target the androgen receptor and chemotherapy, so this could be a game-changer. We hope this therapy will receive FDA approval.”

The trial had more than 800 participants that had advanced prostate cancer; this means the cancer had metastasized throughout their bodies.  When this happens there is so little modern medicine can do to fight the cancer.  Those participants who received the therapy had 8.7 months of progression-free survival.  In other words, things didn’t get worse.  And comparing this to those who did not receive the drug, had only 3.4 months. 

The side effects were reported to be very small with those participants may experience some dry mouth symptoms.

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