New Study Could “Pause & Reverse” Lung Cancer


A team of researchers has discovered a way of stopping & reversing the growth of lung cancer with the help of a potent combination of three unique molecules.

The study –known for being a potential cancer cure –observed that the two BH3-mimetics along with one FGFR inhibitor were capable of blocking the cell survival process of lung cancer cells quite successfully. The results were so successful that the pre-clinical models not only helped in stopping the growth of the tumors but also aided in the tumors to shrink away.

The particular research that was led by Dr. Clare Weeden along with others from the Walter & Eliza Hall Institute published its results in the Oncogene journal.

Cancer arises from the abnormal growth of cells that might reflect distinguishing traits referred to as “hallmarks” by the medical scientists. The hallmarks of the cancer cells are understood as unique pathways leading to the cancer tumors that are able to live and thrive in the given system.

Dr. Weeden stated that it turned out an exciting experience for the team as they found out that they were successful in targeting and disrupting two major “hallmarks” of the survival of the lung cancer cells. These were the “cell death” & “cell growth” pathways of the lung cancer cells.

By making use of three, distinct, potent compounds –one FGFR inhibitor and two BH3-mimetics –the team of researchers was able to block the major parts of the cancer cells pathways called as BCL-XL, MCL-1, and FGFR.

Another scientist from the research team stated that the ability to shrink or reverse the tumors implies that cancer patients can now live longer healthily with reduced symptoms or complications from existing cancer. This research opens up doors for the potential cancer cure in the coming times.