New Research Reveals – Keto Diet can Lead to Anti-Cancer Effects

Latest research from a team of scientists from the University of Texas, Dallas, reveals that following a keto diet can lead to anti-cancer effects in the body.

A team of researchers at the University of Texas, Dallas, has revealed that following a keto-based diet can lead to anti-cancer effects in the body. The study suggests that by putting a restriction on the blood glucose levels in the body, a keto diet can help in preventing cancer.

The Study on Keto Diet and its Anti-Cancer Effects

In order to deduce the anti-cancer effects of a Keto diet, the researchers had limited the circulation of glucose in mice samples having lung cancer. The limitation was brought about by feeding a keto-based diet to the mice. The scientists also gave the mice a drug for diabetes that helps in preventing the blood glucose to be reabsorbed by the kidneys.

Dr. Jung-Whan Kim –an Assistant Professor at the University of Texas, Dallas in the Department of Biological Sciences, and the leading author of the study, states that both the processes of consuming a ketogenic diet along with pharmacological limitation on blood glucose levels helped in inhibiting the further spread of squamous cell carcinoma tumors in mice samples having lung cancer. The results of the study got published in the journal named “Cell Reports.”

The Findings of the Study

The key finding of the study as per Dr. Jung-Whan reports that following a keto-based diet alone can produce a tumor-growth prevention effect in patients having squamous cell cancer. When the same is combined with chemotherapy and diabetes drug therapy, it turns out even more effective.

Kim also added that only glucose restriction in the body did not help in controlling squamous cell carcinoma. The results of the study suggest that the given approach is cancer-specific and cannot be generalized for preventing all types of cancer.

After taking blood samples from as many as 192 patients having either esophageal cancer or lung cancer, the researchers found that there was a strong link between concentration of higher blood glucose levels and worse survival rates amongst patients having squamous cell carcinoma. At the same time, no such correlation was observed in patients having lung cancer. This serves to be a significant observation on the pretext that it can further imply the effectiveness of glucose restriction in slowing down the growth of squamous cancer cells.

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