New Hope for Suffers of Mesothelioma


In a recent study of a limited amount of Mesothelioma patients, five patients actually had their tumors reduced. The news announcement was made by TCH2 Therapeutics Inc. TCH2 is “a clinical-stage immunotherapy company”.   

Type of Trial 

TCH2 conducted this phase I trial to help determine the reaction and safety to the individual patients. Four of the patients were suffers of mesothelioma, and one patient was an ovarian patient. 

It is exciting that these researchers are not just focusing on those patients who have mesothelioma by including one ovarian patient. Also, the researchers wanted to use if the study could help them in determining the correct amount of the drug to administer to the patients in the future.

Often in these new studies, the patients who participate in them have tried many other treatment forms and are seeking other therapies and hopefully cures to treat their cancer. Patients all too often are guinea pigs for the rest of society and deserve our admiration and love for what they go through.

The President of the Company Garry Menzel Ph.D. said, “There are very few options for patients with solid tumors and those expressing mesothelin represent a significant frontier of unmet medical need.”

Phase II Trial

The next step in this research process is to move to a Phase II Trial. This T-cell immunotherapy trial is open to patients who have an advanced form of mesothelioma who are expressing mesothelioma tumors. For more information on this trial, you can click on “More Information.”

Cancer must be stopped in all its forms. We hope that with every new treatment, every new therapy, and with every new cure of any type of cancer, it can lead to new treatments, therapies, and cures for all types of cancer. and ultimately for those who suffer from this insidious disease.

Hope Rises with Us.  

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