New Drug Therapy Appears Successful at Targeting an Aggressive Subtype of Breast Cancer!

Aubrey Morgart – a 31-year-old mother of a lovely two-year-old, was living a happy life. It was only then she experienced the least that she had expected in life. Aubrey found a lump in her left breast. Realizing the same, the doctors immediately sent Aubrey to get a mammogram. After the mammogram, the doctors asked her to go through the ultrasound. Again a series of mammograms and ultrasound followed. It was until then Aubrey realized that something was indeed wrong. Later on, the doctors diagnosed Aubrey with having a HER2 positive form of breast cancer.

Combination Drug Therapy for HER2 Breast Cancer

Dr. Shannon Puhalla – a leading breast cancer specialist at the renowned UPMC, says that patients having HER2 breast cancer are known to respond quite poorly in comparison to other forms of the given cancer. This is because HER2 positive breast cancer is a very aggressive form of breast cancer.

An All-new Drug Therapy for Women with Persistent Breast Cancer

With the latest development of the combination of drugs that aim at targeting HER2 breast cancer, along with chemotherapy, many women have revealed good results to the combination drug therapy. After receiving the combination therapy, when the tissue samples of such women were sent to the labs, the researchers observed no cancer cells under the impact of the microscope. However, in some women, breast cancer continued to persist even after the treatment.

For women whose cancer remained persistent even after receiving the drug therapy, the team of researchers developed a new form of drug referred to as the TDM1. In the landmark study to prove the overall effectiveness of the new drug, around 1400 women having HER2 positive, aggressive form of breast cancer were studied.

After these women received radiotherapy, chemotherapy, and surgery, the team of researchers randomly gave standard treatments to these women with TDM1 – a HER2 targeting drug. In a span of three hours, IV was given every three weeks for up to a year.

The team of researchers observed satisfying results with the group of women receiving TDM1 drug therapy. They observed that with the help of the drug, the overall risk of HER2 breast cancer coming back is reduced by as much as 50 percent. Dr. Priya Rastogi – a leading breast cancer researcher at the UPMC, says that it has been quite impressive to see the level to which the overall reduction of the risk is observed. The results have been quite exciting. After a series of tests, TDM1 has now received approval from the United States FDA (Food & Drug Administration). Dr. Puhalla further adds that the study has been quite useful in proving itself as practice-changing.

TDM1 –the Revolutionary Drug Therapy for HER2 Breast Cancer

The TDM1 drug has been quite effective in delivering satisfactory results for inhibiting the growth of HER2 positive breast cancer cells. The group that was given the TDM1 drug therapy randomly did experience some side effects of the drug, including nausea, numbness, fatigue, lower blood counts, muscle & bone pain, and higher liver tests. However, the side effects gradually went away with the lower dosages of the drug.

Aubrey also underwent successive series of chemotherapy, radiotherapy, and surgery for the treatment of her aggressive form of HER2 positive breast cancer. After receiving the same, Aubrey received the dosage of the TDM1 drug as a part of the study that is being conducted at the UPMC Magee Women Hospital. She also felt a few side effects of the drug treatment.

Aubrey recalls she was constantly reminded that her liver levels were too high. She was then asked to come the next week again, and the doctors would try the same process over. While analyzing Aubrey’s situation, the team of doctors also inspected her heart function in a span of every two months – even after conducting the last IV.

It has been about four years since Aubrey was treatment completed. The drug therapy worked in favor for her! She is so very happy to be able to live a healthy life all over again.

About HER2 Positive Breast Cancer

HER2 positive form of breast cancer has been regarded as one of the most aggressive types of breast cancer. It is a specific subtype of breast cancer that is known to test positive for a particular protein –referred to as the HER2 – standing for Human Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor 2. The given condition promotes the overall growth of breast cancer cells at a rapid rate.

Approximately one of every five cases of breast cancer is known to have a specific type of gene mutation. This leads to the formation of an excessive amount of the HER2 protein. Cases with HER2 positive form of breast cancer are known to be highly aggressive than any other type of breast cancer. These are also less likely to be sensitive towards any kind of hormone therapy.

In the given context of finding the right treatment option for HER2 positive aggressive form of breast cancer, the advent of the new TDM1 drug therapy serves to be a new hope in the given direction. Women are also recommended to pay attention to taking note of the early stages of breast cancer for better diagnosis & treatment.

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