New Combination Treatment Available for Treating Advanced Kidney Cancer

A team of scientists has come up with the first-line treatment of advanced kidney cancer through a new combination treatment.

NICE –National Institute for Health & Care Excellence has issued the FAD (Final Appraisal Determination) for recommending the combination treatment of Opdivo (nivolumab) along with Yervoy (ipilimumab) for the purpose of treating NHS patients with RCC (Renal Cell Carcinoma). The recommendation implies a significant landmark in the treatment of advanced kidney cancer. This is represented through the first-ever approval of the immune-oncology combination therapy for the first-line patients with the given type of cancer. Nivolumab & ipilimumab are made immediately available on the respective Cancer Drug Funds to serve as the first-line combination treatment for advanced RCC that was previously untreated. As such, this treatment possibility can help in treating as many as 1700 patients every year in England.

The Revolutionary Combination Treatment

Rose Woodward –Co-founder at the Kidney Cancer Support Network in England, states, “The decision with regard to issuing the FAD for the approval of the combination treatment is vital to the patients with advanced kidney cancer. They might now have access to advanced treatment options. Kidney cancer is a fatal disease. During its most advanced stage, the prognosis of this disease is quite poor. As such, with the help of the latest combination therapy on the NHS, we hope this to be a vital step in the direction of ensuring extended survival of the patients with the disease.”

Phase III CheckMate Study

The recommendations provided by the NICE for the combination therapy is based on the relevant data obtained from the Phase III CheckMate study involving 1096 patients. The study was, however, stopped during its early stage after a pre-planned interim analysis. The analysis revealed that the combination of drugs namely Nivolumab and ipilimumab revealed a superior form of extended survival in comparison to the previously-used sunitinib.

The researchers believe that it is revolutionary in the field of medical science to come up with such a combination therapy –capable of extending the overall survival rate of patients with advanced kidney cancer. It is great NICE has finally given approval to the combination therapy to serve as a vital treatment option for a wide number of patients with advanced RCC. Moreover, the decision will also aid the poor or intermediate-risk patients in England to receive this revolutionary treatment.

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