New Cancer Vaccine to Fight Tumors Across the Body

An all-new vaccine for cancer might now help in fighting tumors across the entire body –a study reveals.

As per a new study, researchers reveal that an all-new vaccine for cancer treatment can help in fighting tumors across the entire body. The vaccine gets injected directly into a single cancer tumor. By doing so, it triggers the immune system of the body to attack the cancer cells across the body. The reports of the study have been lately released by a team of researchers. The report was published in the leading journal “Nature Medicine.”

The Study Involving Vaccines

The team of researchers states that experimental therapy can help in turning the tumors into “factories of cancer vaccine.” In such a group, the immune cells start identifying the cancer cells before seeking the same out. The immune cells also destroy the cells that are located in other parts of the body. As a result of the study, the researchers have observed the cancer tumors melting away at different areas of the body after injecting the vaccine into a single tumor. The study was led by Dr. Joshua Brody –Director of Lymphoma Immunotherapy at Icahn School of Medicine, Mount Sinai, New York.

Results of the Study

The results of the study were recently published in Nature Medicine. Currently, the therapy has been tested only on 11 patients having non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma –cancer of the body’s immune system. However, not all of the patients have responses to the treatment yet. On the other hand, some patients have experienced remission for comparatively longer periods of time. As such, the results of such patients have appeared quite promising. The treatment is currently under trials on samples of neck & head and breast cancers.

In clear terms, the given treatment is not literally a “vaccine.” The vaccine is only a termed that is being used for elements that are known for providing long-term immunity against a particular disease. In the all-new treatment, the researchers make use of a specific type of the immunotherapy method. The treatment involves giving the patient a series of vaccinations or injections having two variants of immune stimulants.

The treatment of vaccination involves three major steps. Firstly, the patients have injected a small molecule for recruiting the dendritic cells into the tumor. Then, the patients are subjected to a lower dosage of radiotherapy. After this, the patients are given another injection containing a molecule for activating the dendritic cells.

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