Nanoparticles can Help Battle Brain Cancer


Nanotechnology has brought a revolution to the whole world of science and especially in the field of cancer therapeutics. The discovery of nanoparticles has paved a way for the treatment of cancer. Glioblastoma multiforme is the most dangerous and aggressive cancer of the brain that is extremely hard to treat. Researchers have developed a new mechanism of delivering the drugs to the brain cancer cells by using nanoparticles as carriers and they are designed to cross the blood-brain barrier and deliver two drugs at a time. Crossing the blood-brain barrier and binding the tumor cells readily is quite an achievement of nanoparticles. Holding two different compounds by nanoparticles serve the purpose of destroying the DNA of tumor cells by one drug and inhibiting the DNA repair mechanism by the second drug so that they cannot nullify the effect of the first drug by repairing the previously destroyed tumor cells.

The digestive system devastates the drugs due to which discovery of new drug delivery systems is a necessity. Moreover, in addition to missing the cancer cells, poor drug targeting also gives rise to harmful side effects, due to which there is a huge requirement of perfect drug targeting mechanisms. Surgical treatment of the brain cancer, glioblastoma multiforme is required, followed by chemotherapy and radiotherapy, former requiring efficient drug delivery.

A few experimental trials on mice depicted nanoparticles resulting in the shrinking of tumors and not recurring. Professor Paula Hammond opines that this nanoparticle drug delivery method is very unique as it is employed to deliver two drugs, in addition to its abilities to cross the blood-brain barrier and efficiently targeting the tumors.

The nanoparticles were coated with transferrin protein which is a novel way to move them across the blood-brain barrier. The nanoparticles start to tear apart upon reaching the tumor and being engulfed by the cells. Published in Nature Communications, this research has flagged a way to successfully treat gliomas by targeting with nanoparticles.

The scientists are researching nanoparticles more deeply in order to reveal their marvelousness in cancer therapeutics. With the help of a new nanoparticle, they have disclosed the movement of cancer cells to other sites in the human body in order to discover efficient drug delivery methods.