Mouth Biopsy Might Just Change Early Stage Cancer Detection

A new study reveals that mouth biopsy might help in changing the face of detecting cancer during its early stage.

Balkees Abderrahman says that just around 1-10 minutes of pain-free breath sampler could help in enhancing and speeding up the process of detecting cancer during the early stages. We are all aware of the mouth biopsy technology that is used by police officers around the world for checking whether a person has consumed alcohol or not. Inspired by the healthcare researchers in Britain, a team of researchers has developed the concept of a cheap, non-invasive breath sampler for detecting another major killer –cancer.

Clinical Trial of Breath Biopsy

Mouth Biopsy Might Just Change Early Stage Cancer Detection
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Owlstone Medical –a leading biotechnology company, based in Cambridge is currently working with leading researchers from the University of Cambridge and the Cancer Research United Kingdom. Working in collaboration with the Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, Owlstone Medical aims at launching the clinical trials of the breath biopsy test over 1500 patients. The tests are being carried out for detecting as many as 6 different forms of cancers during the respective early stages.

The Breath Biopsy Test

The breath biopsy test is known to make use of the process of measuring & analyzing VOCs –Volatile Organic Compounds. The VOCs are the compounds that are formed due to altered metabolism. This could help in the early detection of different forms of cancers.

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The process of measuring VOCs during an exhaled breath is being studied comprehensively with respect to several diseases as well as cancers. The concept is now translated into multiple clinical applications at the same time. The applications include the nitric oxide that has been exhaled for testing the inflammation of the asthmatic airway. Other tests include the breath tests for detecting Helicobacter pylori –associated with stomach ulcers and also stomach cancers, in some cases. There are also breath tests for a certain group of alkanes for identifying patients that have a lower risk of heart-related diseases. When an individual would exhale for around one minute into the breathalyzer, it is known for collecting the exhaled breath with VOCs. The process is pain-free & non-invasive, and can turn out revolutionary for detecting cancers in patients during the early stages.

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