More Vitamin D May Offer Less Risk of Breast Cancer


A new study reveals an association between higher levels of Vitamin D and Lower Risk of Breast Cancer. The study has been published in PLoS One and includes data derived from clinical trials carried out at Creighton University of Omaha, Nebraska as well as GrassrootsHealth (California based non-profit).

More than 5000 women aged 55 or older were examined in the study. The results showed that women with vitamin D blood levels of 60 ng (nanograms) per ml (milliliter) had eighty percent lesser risk of developing breast cancer as compared to the ones with 20ng/ml or lower. Ranging from 20-60 ng/ml vitamin D blood level exhibited a trend of lower risk of breast cancer with a higher level of Vitamin D. This again, is fundamental, an association, not a direct link of prevention of breast cancer. However, the main investigator, Joan Lappe, a professor at the Creighton University, claims that Vitamin D does play an importing role in the prevention of breast cancer. She emphasized that higher level of blood levels of vitamin D should be recommended now as compared to the current levels for adequate bone health. National Academy of Sciences recommends a 20 ng/ml or more vitamin D blood level as healthy for the bones.

With the 80%, lesser risk of breast cancer, a 60ng/ml vitamin D blood level is to be taken as the first step of its prevention, according to the director of GrassrootsHealth, Carole Baggerly. She further mentions that despite other lifestyle aspects and nutrition, maintaining the blood level of Vitamin D is more beneficial and the level determined has been proved to be safe within the research.

The association between Vitamin D and lower risk of breast cancer is of a significant one and cannot be ignored. Hence, women should look after their bone health and vitamin D blood level, to fight this dreadful disease already!