Monsanto Ordered to Pay Over $2 Billion to the Cancer Victims Upon the Latest Verdict

A jury from California has ordered Monsanto to pay over $2 billion as compensation to the cancer victims upon observing the latest reviews.

After hearing the case of a couple having cancer of different types –found in association with the long-term utilization of the Roundup offered by Monsanto, a jury from California has ordered Monsanto pay over $2 billion as compensation to the cancer victims.

The Case of Monsanto Verdict

In 2015, Alberta Pilliod was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin Lymphoma brain cancer. At the same time, her husband named Alva Pilliod was also diagnosed with non-Hodgkin Lymphoma –spreading out from the bones to reach his pelvis as well as the spine. The couple finally received the rewards after the verdict.

Currently, in their 70s, the couple started using the Roundup during the late 1970s. They continued using the same for around a few years. The information was produced from a report by the United States Right to Know –a leading GMO-labeling advocacy & attorney organization.

The Verdict & its Results

The verdict might turn out to be a major problem for the all-new owner of Monsanto –Bayer. He is supposed to be already under the pressure of several reports of investor unrest that has widespread over the purchase made for the GMO & agro-chemical plant in America.

The share prices under the realm of Bayer have been observed to have fallen by over 40 percent since last August. This was in favor of the verdict presented by Dewayne Johnson –a groundskeeper who had also contracted cancer after he was using the herbicide for multiple years.

As far as the case of the Pilliod couple is concerned, it was revealed that Monsanto was engaged with oppression, malice, or fraud that were committed by more than one officer, managing agents, or directors at Monsanto.

The couple is expected to receive over $2 billion due to the punitive damages – around $1 billion headed for Alberta Pilliod & another $1 billion for Alva Pilliod. The major component of the herbicide Roundup is “glyphosate” –regarded as a potential human carcinogen by the WHO IARC during Spring 2015.

While the government in the United States might have declared glyphosate to be safe, the experts claim that lobbying and industrial influence have served to be the major reasons for the given stance.

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