Mississippi Doctor Having Brain Tumor Denied Claim About Treatment by the State Insurance

A doctor from Mississippi who was having brain tumor has been denied claim over his treatment by the state insurance.

Dr. Bryan Hierlmeier, along with his wife Lauren did not intend at living in Mississippi for long. Falling in love with each other during college days at Tampa, they had come to Mississippi –the Magnolia State only because of the residency of Bryan at the University of Mississippi Medical Center.

During their time in Mississippi, the young couple started appreciating the place and its welcoming environment. Bryan was soon named as the chief resident at the University of Mississippi Medical Center (UMMC) in 2014. Later on, he was bombarded with several job opportunities once he completed the fellowship in North Carolina. While they finally decided to stay in Mississippi longer, their decision only turned out disastrous for them.

The Fight of Bryan

Aged 36 years, Bryan developed brain cancer. As he was a doctor himself at UMMC, he is expected to receive insurance from the state of Mississippi. However, Bryan’s wife, Lauren, has something else to say about it.

Lauren recalls that the state insurance by the Mississippi Department of Finance & Administration has claimed that it will not be covering the cancer treatment for Bryan. Bryan and his wife both need the given cancer treatment to help Bryan out of the situation.

The Sad Fate

Lauren is still in shock and wonders how many other cancer patients are being denied cancer treatment by the Mississippi state insurance. The organization named Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Mississippi –the organization responsible for administering the insurance plan of the state, has also declined to comment on Bryan’s case. The Mississippi Department of Finance & Administration –responsible for overseeing the insurance plan of the state’s employees, also did not respond to any comment in the given case.

While Lauren looks forward to taking care of her two children in Madison, Bryan continues undergoing proton therapy at the leading MD Anderson –a famous hospital in Houston. The given treatment is expected to last for several weeks.

Lauren says that she feels responsible for speaking up for her husband publicly. Everyone who gets covered by the insurance plan of the state tends to be at risk if the plan does not aim at covering proton therapy for cancer treatment.

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