Miners Take to Shaving Heads to Support Kids Fighting Cancer

A team of miners in El Paso has teamed up with Rhinos for participating in the annual event of head-shaving at St. Baldrick. The event is aimed at providing support to young kids who are fighting cancer.

Tom Herman –the Head Coach at UTEP and Director of EPHA Youth Hockey in El Paso, was asked to make his participation at the annual event of St. Baldrick’s head shaving ritual that occurs at Las Cruces in Mexico. The opportunity was presented to the Rhinos. After this, it was decided that all the staff, as well as players, would make their active participation in the given event. To let you know, all of this happened back in 2011. Now, even after nine years, the Rhinos are looking forward to hosting the 9th consecutive event this year. The event this year aims at breaking its previous records of the last year –at $11,877. Herman added that the annual head-shaving event has become a norm that helps in raising funds for providing support to the children having cancer. It turns out amazing how the entire community, as well as the hockey community, shows an active interest in the same.

Miners Raising Fund for the Kids Fighting Cancer

Coach Herman states that when he is not equipped with the Miners Bench, he runs the El Paso Hockey Association. He is also known to provide color commentary in addition to Duke Keith during the home games of the El Paso Rhinos. Moreover, Herman is also recognized for serving as the lead organizer of the head-shaving event at St. Baldrick since the time of 2011. He adds that head shaving has become an annual ritual that most of the miners look forward to celebrating every year.

Results of the Head-shaving Event

Every year, quite prior to the playoffs, the members belonging to the Rhinos team along with its coaching staff take to braving the shave towards supporting children who are currently fighting cancer. As they place their heads up for the auction, the fans are allowed to bid on taking the first swipe and helping the organization in raising money for implementing cancer research with the help of the St. Baldrick’s Foundation.

It is a yearly tradition that has been set up by the Rhinos in El Paso. Former Rhinos including Alek Lazarski & Jayden Ritchie aim at taking forward the tradition as Miners.

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