Millennial Battling Rare Bone Cancer Responds to Biden’s Promise –Law by Trump Administration Saved My Life

A millennial who has been fighting a rare form of bone cancer has recently responded to the promise made by Joe Biden upon finding a cure to cancer upon his Presidential election. In response, the millennial said that the law passed by the Trump Administration had helped in saving her life.

Natalie Harp –a young girl who has fought stage II bone cancer for almost her entire life, has responded to Biden’s statement about his Presidential Election. Recently, Joe Biden –the representative for Presidential Election 2020, had said in a statement that once he will be elected as the President, he promises to find a cure for cancer across the USA. However, in her response, Natalie has stated that with the help of the Trump Administration Law, she was able to survive through her tough conditions.

Natalie Harp’s Fight with Cancer

Natalie Harp had been fighting Stage II bone cancer for most of her life. In a recent statement by making an appearance on “Fox & Friends,” she said that the “Right to Try” by Donald Trump’s Administration had allowed her to survive and make a comeback after she was left wheelchair-bound and under excruciating pain in 2015 after a medical mistake by the nurse.

In her statement, Harp thanked the Trump Administration, saying that she did not die from her condition due to the Right to Try rule. As per the law, it allows the patients who are terminally ill to get access to the respective drug treatments that have yet not received approval from FDA –the US Food & Drug Administration.

Natalie Responds to Biden’s Promise

In Natalie’s case, she suffered significantly when a nurse had accidentally mixed up her IV with sterile water’s sample. This medical negligence nearly killed her. She was provided with medical marijuana, opioids, and barbiturates. She was even informed on the policies with respect to Right to Die and stopping her consumption of food & water voluntarily.

Harp said that Biden’s statement about finding a cure for cancer is just a form of “political tool” for his presidential election. She owes her life to Trump’s law and finds hope in the same even after the release of Biden’s statement with respect to finding a cure for cancer after being elected as the next President in 2020.

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