Merck’s Keytruda on Its Way to Dealing with Head & Neck Cancer Case


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The Keytruda drugs by the leading drugmaker Merck might be on its way to be used in cases of head & neck cancers –the area wherein it has faced queries previously.

The leading New Jersey-based drugmaker –the Merck claimed that in the particular phase 3 trial that was conducted on untreated patients previously, the drug Keytruda has produced excellent results. The drug topped the standard-of-care medical regimen including Erbitux by Eli Lilly. This helped in extending the overall chances of survival in the patients having tumors. This was achieved by expressing a particular level of the PD-L1 biomarker.

The result was obtained from an in-depth analysis of the given trial. The results also revealed that Keytruda has yet not satisfied the other major endpoints of the study which is aimed at measuring the overall time to cancer progression. However, the overall survival is usually considered the significant standard in the trials related to cancer. As such, the drugmaker Merck will be taking up the winning situation in the given department across the world.

In the current scenario, Keytruda bears the approval in performing trials on patients with neck & head cancers –but only in those patients who cancer symptoms might have worsened during or after chemotherapy. After the in-depth checking of the given approval, Keytruda failed in proving that it could help in extending the lives of the patients in the given group of cancers.

However, Merck is not simply following the route of monotherapy when it comes to treating neck & head cancers. The latest results have been obtained from the trials on Keynote-048 –s study that has been examining the role of Keytruda as the major part of the cocktail having platinum chemo along with the chemo drug named 5-fluorouracil.