Melanoma Cancer – Types and Treatments

Melanoma is the most serious type of skin cancer because it is communicable. The risk factors for melanoma includes overexposure to the sun.

Types of Melanoma Cancer

There are four types of melanoma. Such as:
Superficial spreading melanoma:
This is the most common type of cancer and appears on the trunk or limbs. At the beginning, the cells tend to grow slowly, before spreading across the surface of the skin.
Nodular melanoma:
The second most common type which appears on the trunk, head or neck. It grows more quickly than other types.
Lentigo maligna melanoma:
The least common and mostly found in older people, especially in parts of the body that have been exposed to the sun over several years. It usually grows less slowly and is less dangerous than other types.
Acral lentiginous melanoma:
This is the rarest kind of melanoma. It appears on the palms, soles or under the nails. It is more likely to occur in darker skin.

Symptoms of Melanoma Cancer

Some of the common melanoma cancer symptoms include:

  • Changes in skin, such as a new spot or mole or a change in color of the mole
  • Failure of heal of skin sore
  • A spot that becomes painful and itchy
  • A firm red lump that bleeds
  • A flat red spot that is rough and dry

Melanoma Cancer treatment and therapy options

Surgery is considered the most common treatment for removing the tumour. This treatment depends on how large is the lesion and where it is found in the body.
Chemotherapy includes the medications to destroy the tumour cells. The drugs can be injected in the vein or given orally in the pill type. This treatment generally causes vomiting, hair loss, and nausea.
Radiation Therapy
Under radiation therapy, high-intensity X-rays are passed through a tumour to destroy it completely, however preventing exposure to the surrounding tissues.

Can Melanoma Cancer be cured

The sooner the cancer is found, the sooner it can be cured.

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