Marjorie Miller –the Two-time Cancer Survivor, Presents Views on Life After Cancer

Marjorie Miller has survived cancer two times in her life. Now, she takes up the platform to speak about her journey and life after cancer.

Marjorie Miller –a leading editor and writer for the College of Health & Human Development at Penn State, is well-known for surviving cancer twice in her life. Miller was diagnosed with leukemia when she was just 12 years old. Again, at 26 years of age, Miller got diagnosed with breast cancer. After undergoing genetic testing, Miller realized that she suffers from Li Fraumeni Syndrome –a type of mutation that tends to increase the overall chances of developing cancers.

Miller’s Inspiring Story

Miller is now in her 30s. Throughout her journey with cancer and its overall treatment, Miller has been through chemotherapy along with a double mastectomy and multiple breast reconstructive surgeries. Currently, Miller is living a healthy life as she manages to cope up with the inherent side effects of cancers that she had in life. In recent times, Miller has taken to speaking up about her personal life, her journey with two major cancers, and how she survived the same. She also wishes to encourage cancer patients by motivating them to never lose hope –even in the darkest hours. She continues speaking about her journey while explaining the struggles of her life after fighting two cancers.

Surviving Two Cancers

In her writing “Life After Cancer,” Miller aims at explaining her condition to raise awareness about different types of cancers. She wishes the best for the cancer patients as well as cancer survivors by motivating them to lead a positive, healthy lifestyle throughout.

Miller has been inspiring many around her with her heart-touching story. Her journey through two cancers sends out a strong message to both the cancer patients as well as survivors that they should never give up during the cancer treatment or recovery phase. It is all about living your life to the fullest, even when life turns you down.

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