Man Gets his Cancerous Organ Replaced and Lives Happily

Over the years, rapid advancements in the field of cancer treatment all around the world have resulted in life-saving conditions –even in some of the worst cases.

A story that goes around Tom Ramsey –a man from Utah, is quite interesting. This common man has his critical organ completely re-engineered that was ravaged by cancer. This trick, however, saved him. Tom loved life, adventures, and spending time outdoors. However, life took a toll that Ramsey has never imagined. Ramsey who lives in the Salt Lake City, States, “My lower back had started hurting frequently. All the hurting started only half a year ago. After the test, I was devastated by the discovery. Almost 90 percent of my bladder was full of cancer.”

Treating Bladder Cancer by Re-engineering the Organ

Dr. Chris Dechet – a co-director at the Huntsman Cancer Institute in the Multidisciplinary Urologic Oncology Group, a co-director at the Huntsman Cancer Institute in the Multidisciplinary Urologic Oncology Group, states, “Around 90 percent of Ramsey’s bladder was full of bladder cancer.” Bladder cancer is one of the major types of six types of cancers out there. As per Dechet, around 82,000 individuals are known to be diagnosed with bladder cancer in the United States of America every year. Around 18,000 patients having bladder cancer tend to die from the same every year. Dechet says that around 50 percent of the cases of bladder cancer are due to smoking.

Ramsey’s Case

Tom Ramsey Man Gets his Cancerous Organ Replaced and Lives Happily
Dr. Chris Dechet (left) – Tom Ramsey (right)

Surprisingly, Ramsey did not use to smoke. While he was not smoking himself, he was exposed to secondary forms of smoking when he was growing up. The environment in which we live and genetics also tend to play a major factor in the development of bladder cancer. Given Ramsey’s case, the doctors needed to remove his bladder entirely. The doctors explained to him that they could go forward with a revolutionary approach –the rebuilding of a new one, referred to as the “neo-bladder.”

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Dechet claims that neo-bladder is a small part of the bowel that is taken out from the small intestine of the patient. The team of doctors then reconfigure the same into a type of reservoir and place where the bladder used to be. While it was a difficult operation, it was successful in the end. Now, Ramsey is leading a normal life. Given the new approach, it seems promising in treating other forms of cancers as well.

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