Magical Moment for a Five-Year Old Battling Leukemia


The most magical thing about life is the sweetest smiles that adorn little children’s faces. Their smiles can brighten the whole world and make you love life. Five-year-old, Emma Fowler, is suffering from leukemia, but the radiance of her smile is more powerful than any ailment that can come across her. Emma lives in Birmingham with her family.

About two weeks ago, Emma received a wonderful surprise that she can never forget. She went through a scavenger hunt at Railroad Park and right after, she received an amazing news; that she was going to meet all the princesses in Disney World soon. Much thanks to the organization, Tyre-Pros of Central Alabama and MagicMoments, Emma would get to live the dream of her life.

The organizers vested a lot of commitment to make Emma happy. As a child, she goes through a hard time. She has to go through a lot of frequent hospital visits to get her treatment. And in all this tedious routine, Emma needs something to look forward to, something that can elate her and lift her spirit. Making Emma happy would be relieving a lot of worries for the family itself. To make such memories with Emma in this hard time is precious and important for both Emma and her family. The organizers wanted to give her something she could be excessively happy about and can always remember.

Such action on part of other people boosts faith and hope in life. Giving Emma something to hold dear to herself, something that she would always look back at, is exactly the kind of thing she needs. Our little dreams are the core of our motivations and we should steer towards them, no matter what comes across. Feeding reality to these children’s dreams should be our primary goal so that they know, that even with the most difficult times of life, we can carry on hope and love, we can discover more about ourselves and the good in the world, more meaning in the simplest of a thing, more attachment to optimism and happiness!