Lung Cancer – Types and Treatments

Lung cancer is a condition that causes cells to divide in the lungs at a very fast rate. This causes the growth of tumors that reduce a person’s ability to breathe.

Types of Lung Cancer

There are 2 types of lung cancer. Such as:
Small cell lung cancer:
Small cell lung cancer occurs mostly in heavy smokers and is less common than non-small cell lung cancer.
Non-small cell lung cancer:
Non-small cell lung cancers comprises of squamous cell carcinoma, adenocarcinoma and large cell carcinoma.

Symptoms of lung Cancer

Some of the common lung cancer symptoms include:

  • A new cough that doesn’t go away
  • Coughing up blood, even a small amount
  • Shortness of breath
  • Chest pain
  • Hoarseness
  • Losing weight without trying
  • Bone pain
  • A headache

Lung Cancer treatment and therapy options

Some of the lung cancer treatment includes:
This is done when cancer hasn’t spread too far in your body. Your doctor can remove the part of the lung that has a tumour.
Radiation therapy
Radiation therapy kills tumor cells by using high-energy waves.
It is also called “chemo”; it’s a way to treat cancer that uses drugs to kill cancer cells.
This treatment is for people who are in the early stages of lung cancer and the tumour is present only in one part of the lung.
Clinical trials
Clinical trials try new medications and treatments that researchers are testing.

Can lung Cancer be cured?

Not all the lung cancers can be prevented. But there are things you can do that might lower your risk of lung cancer, such as staying away from tobacco, avoiding radon and eating a healthy diet.

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