Lower Risk of Stomach Cancer through Healthy Eating


Through research and constant innovation, medicine has come a long way in recent years, being now able to deal with most conditions and diseases. Even cancer, this dark cloud that seems to be looming over our heads, has become a lot less scary as drugs and therapies become more effective. But prevention is always better than treatment, and aspects that you control can influence wellbeing.

Doctors recommend in general having an active and healthy lifestyle, reducing certain unhealthy habits (limiting smoking, alcohol consumption, fast foods) and keeping a proper and balanced diet. Nutrition actually plays an important role because antioxidants, mainly found in fruit and vegetables, help fight off illnesses.

One great option that you can try is the Mediterranean Diet. Rich in greens, fresh fish, olive oil and whole grains, this diet has proven to exert a positive effect over many health problems, including heart disease, obesity, vascular diseases, and even cancer.

According to the European Prospective Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition (EPIC) report, one of the largest studies ever conducted, involving more 500.000 participants over 10 countries, suggested that people adhering to this lifestyle were 33 percent less likely to develop stomach cancer than those whose eating patterns were furthest from the diet’s regimen.

There are no universally agreed guidelines for this plan, but for the most part, it promotes a higher intake of natural monounsaturated fats, which do not raise blood pressure like other fats. In general, it suggests having plenty of fruit and vegetables daily along with beans, nuts, and seeds; consuming fish and seafood at least twice a week; eating moderate portions of dairy products (mainly cheese and yogurt) and consuming low amounts of red meat and sweets.

The diet is not more expensive than other plans and can be seen as an investment in health and wellbeing.

Stay healthy!

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