Look Out for Cancer with These Symptoms in Mind!


Cancer is one of the most serious life-threatening diseases out there and looking out for any signs indicating cancer, should be of top priority. We are here to help you take into account some major symptoms of cancer.

Cancer is characterized by excessive cell growth and reproduction, destroying the tissues in the vicinity and spreading into various parts of the body. It is estimated that more than one person in three is likely to develop cancer sometime in their life. There are about 200+ cancer types with their own symptoms and signs.

Weight loss is one of the primary indicators of cancer in your body. According to charity Cancer Research UK, small weight changes over a long time period is not a problem. But losing a significant proportion of your weight without any effort to do so is not a good sign. Loss of Appetite is also a warning sign of cancer if it persists.

Blood in Urine is another serious sign, about which you should seek medical help ASAP. It is not always a sign of cancer and is efficiently treatable but it does indicate renal and other types of cancer.

Charity Cancer Research UK also makes a recommendation to see your doctor if you experience Persistent Bloating. It is common for women to go through such bloating but even then, medical help is necessary. It further adds regarding Difficult Swallowing that many diseases involve this symptom, but if it persists for a long time, it should be checked out by your doctor. Also, if a Croaky Voice persists in the same way, it should be checked out as well.

Breathlessness is also a factor that can attribute to cancer. If you experience it longer than normal, you should consult a doctor. Any kind of non-healing sores should receive medical consideration, keeping in mind that skin has the ability to heal itself over a course of a week or more, and if any sore remains longer than that, then it should not be ignored. And most common of the facts is Pain with which the body warns us that something is not right. If any kind of pain is unexplainable, then medical checkup is extremely necessary.

With these symptoms in mind, look out for yourself and others around you. Most importantly, maintain regular checkups with your GP.