Legendary Soul Singer Candi Staton is Now Cancer-Free

The legendary singer Candi Staton has gone cancer-free recently. She states, “I have been through hell & back.”

For over two decades, the legendary singer Candi Staton has been making her remark by singing her leading Number 2 UK hit namely “You Got the Love” across the leading stages of the world. However, it was not until Staton, who recently reached 79 years of age, was going through around ten weeks of chemotherapy and as many as 30 rounds of radiation therapy while waging her year-long battle against breast cancer. She finally sang the hit song for herself.

Candi Staton’s Recovery

Staton exclaims that she had sung her leading song during the past few months as she performed on the stage. During her 30-minutes interview with “Eldredge ATL, she recalls that she finally sang the song to herself after so many years. While singing, sometimes she would feel like throwing her hands up in the air and believing that she count on God. Sometimes, while reciting, she would say to God that she simply did not care. Whatever was her reason, she felt highly motivated throughout.

Candi Going Cancer-free

After undergoing several months of exhaustive treatment for cancer, including surgery to get rid of the cancerous tumor at the Cancer Treatment Centers of America, Newnan, Candi has now become cancer-free. Her latest scans came up on 4th July, and she celebrated the occasion with her family members, including her grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Staton recalls that her cancer treatment was a rough road. She exclaims that she would not wish it for her enemy as well. During summer 2018, when Staton was doing rehearsals for her first-ever US tour in as many as 20 years, she felt an odd lump on her left breast. She discovered the lump during self-examination at home. On August 28th, 2018, she received the test results while driving her car to the rehearsal. Her carcinoma test result revealed the Triple Negative breast cancer diagnosis. However, Staton got lucky as cancer did not spread. While she hated the treatments, Staton believed in God and her doctors. During her treatment, Staton started sharing her cancer diagnosis as well as her treatments with her thousands of fans on Instagram. She even shared the aftermath of the painful chemotherapy session.

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