Leading UK Scientist Releases a Major Breakthrough in the Cure for Childhood Leukemia


Professor Mel Greaves – Deputy Head of Division and Team Leader, is currently working on unraveling the major causes of childhood leukemia by studying the biological pathways and genetic influences causing the disease.  During his in-depth study, Professor Greaves has found that a huge group of microbes can offer children the much-needed protection against childhood leukemia and certain diseases.  As such, this study comes as a great relief to those having children and being cautious about their children coming in contact with dirt and germs all around.

As per the report of the latest study by Professor Mel Greaves, infant illnesses are instructive.  He also observed that the cure for childhood leukemia could be a group of microbes that are mixed up in some form of drinkable yogurt.  After several years of study at the London Institute of Cancer Research has led Greaves to the given conclusion.


Using his study, while 90 percent of the cases were cured, the current treatment protocols can be yet considered toxic. Professor Graves believes that he is committed to developing a cure that is less caustic, yet potentially tasty for young children at the same time.  A series of events led Mr. Greaves to come to the conclusion.  Firstly, the rising rate of instances in the home country made him understand that childhood leukemia is quite a general problem in the affluent communities.  Secondly, the disease is known to develop in the womb with some type of genetic mutation.  This, in the later stages of the child’s life, gets triggered by a different type of biological event sending the immune system of the child into an overdrive state – finally triggering another genetic mutation referred to as the “full-blown leukemia.”

In his latest interview to The Guardian, Professor Greaves revealed that when a baby who has been isolated from germs & dirt is exposed to common infections by a cocktail of microbes, the unprimed immune system of the child starts reacting in an abnormal manner. It tends to overreact and trigger chronic inflammation.  As such, it is important for the parents to lower their concerns, and be hopeful about the all-new groundbreaking study results by Professor Greaves.