Laser Helps in Destroying Cancer Cells Circulating in the Blood

A recent study has revealed that laser can help in destroying cancer cells that are circulating in the blood.

A team of scientists has found that laser can help in destroying cancer cells that circulating through the blood. It can turn out to be a new form of cancer treatment as a specialized laser beam device that can help in detecting as well as killing cancer cells on the spot that keeps circulating in the blood.

The results of the study were published in a journal named “Science Translational Medicine.” In the given study, a team of researchers has developed a specialized technology that can track cancer cells with higher precision in comparison to the traditional methods or tools. The researchers beamed the laser light from the device onto the patient’s skin and detected cancer cells by making use of heat as well as sound waves.

The Revolutionary Laser Beam Technology for Killing Cancer Cells

Most of the traditional methods of detecting cancer tend to be limited as far as a cancer diagnosis is concerned during the early stages –the most treatable stage of any type of cancer. The technology of the laser device is considered 1000 times more sensitive in comparison to similar systems. As such, the system is capable of detecting cancer cells as many as 27 times out of 28 patients having cancer. In addition to this, scientists have also been successful in killing a higher percentage of cancer cells.

Further Research & Development of the Laser Technology

The scientists believe that with further research & development, the system of laser detecting and killing cancer cells in the bloodstream can serve as the future of cancer treatment. The laser technology is known for promising a thorough and non-invasive method of detecting as well as killing tumor cells in the initial stages of cancer development. As such, it can help in preventing the further spreading of the disease into other areas of the body.

Vladimir Zharov –the lead researcher of the study as well as the director of the Nanomedicine department at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, reveals that the revolutionary laser technology has the potential to inhibit metastasis progression significantly. The laser is even capable of destroying cancer cells. The heat from the device can lead to the formation of bubbles that gather around the tumor cells and kill it.

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