Lack of Proper Exercise Might Escalate Your Chances of Developing Cancer


If you are getting too little exercise on a daily basis –be aware! As this could escalate your chances of developing cancer like endometrial cancer & others, it is important to consider exercising daily –even to some bits. However, most of the people around the world are not aware of this fact.

In a recent study, the team of researchers observed that only around 3 percent of the adults who were surveyed –were aware of the fact that low levels of daily exercise or physical activity could increase the overall risks to developing cancer. The findings of the study were published in the Journal of Health Communication.

The results of the study are highly concerning. This is because people might be unaware of this fact tend to feel less motivated towards engaging themselves in some form of exercise or physical activity. In the given study, the team of researchers had surveyed around 360 adults in the United States. The average age of the adults who were surveyed under the study was around 47 years. In the survey, the candidates or the adults were asked to specify at least three diseases that were the cause of lack of proper exercise or healthy lifestyles. However, only 44 percent of the adults were able to provide three proper responses to the survey.

The findings of the survey revealed that around 66 percent of the adults were able to correctly identify the fact that metabolic conditions including diabetes or being obese, were associated with lack of proper physical activity. However, only 3 percent of the individuals were able to list cancer as the response to the survey.

This reveals the limited awareness about the prevention of cancer when it comes to its association with low levels of physical activity.