Kris Carr, a Cancer-Thriver, Inspires Many with Her Liveliness!


Kris Carr, an amazing actress, who during the Super Bowl in 2003, had appeared in two commercials. But soon, her life took on a hard turn and she found herself being diagnosed with cancer (24 tumors in her body) on Valentine’s Day of 2003. She had Epithelioid Hemangioendothelioma (EHE), a cancer that occurs in the lining of the blood vessels in both lungs and liver. It is an extremely rare form of cancer (0.01% cases) and is slow-moving. She had stage IV cancer which the doctors told was not curable and inoperable.

Carr recalls how she felt punched in the stomach. Being young and vivacious, she felt like she was rather staring down the barrel of a gun, awaiting bullets.  But soon this predicament sparked inside her something more powerful than her demise. She now desired to feel better, to love more and hard, to enjoy her life more and more. For this purpose, she set on a tour and filmed it which became an award-winning documentary named Crazy Sexy Cancer. She discovered more about herself, about nature, about her garden and kitchen which she regarded as her pharmacy and most importantly, people and animals with whom she now aspired to connect more deeply!

Carr prefers to call herself a cancer-thriver on her blog, instead of being called a survivor. She takes in a certain pride in going through an ordeal and turning it into something magical. Ten years later after her diagnosis, we see, she keeps up her lively stance and claims that her life is “truly, madly magical” even with cancer. She inspires her followers and other cancer patients that if she can pull this off with cancer, others only need to imagine what wonders they can do too!

Carr specifically advises on nutrition and exercise, along with all the joyful experiences she takes upon. She highlights “plant-passionate” diet, terms exercise as non-negotiable, asks to cast off stress, and replace it with joy and having fun. Carr insists that having fun should be taken seriously.

Carr, indeed, is one of those personalities whose vivacity can kindle a joyful spirit in any person. Her story and her take on life are optimistic and even realistic. Because the ultimate truth is that cancer is not the end point unless you make it and you are more powerful than cancer! Your ambition and positivity can fight better and make you feel better!