Ketogenic Diet Accelerates Cancer Therapy


A recent study on mice has found that a ketogenic diet can make cancer treatments more effective. This ketogenic diet therapy is known to be forwarded in the human cancer treatment trials as well. A new study has found that low-carb, high-fat diet – as in the ketogenic diet, can help in boosting the cancer treatment in mice.

With this study, the cancer researchers might have just found out the groundbreaking way of making the cancer drugs & treatments much more effective. Benjamin D. Hopkins at the Meyer Cancer Center in New York suggested that the pharmacological inhibition of the PI3K could lead to several clinical responses –thus raising the possibility of the inherent mechanism of resistance to the cancer treatment.

PI3K inhibitors are known to suppress the PI3K pathway – cell-signaling pathway responsible for overdriving several types of cancers. The results of the findings that were published in the latest journal Nature, revealed that pairing of the treatment with the keto diet could help in the prevention of different types of cancers – by boosting the effects of the existing medication & treatment procedures.

In the given study, the team of researchers administered the PI3K inhibitors to some wild-type mice. As was expected, this intervention resulted in the transient hyperglycemia by the sudden rise in the insulin levels. Looking forward to the tests, the team of researchers plan to test whether or not adding the ketogenic diet to the treatment with FDA-approved PI3K inhibitors improves the overall outcomes in the patients having cancers like breast, leukemia, lymphomas, and endometrial.