Judge Blasts an Insurance Company over Barbaric, Immoral Cancer Denials

A federal judge recently rips apart an insurance company for its “barbaric & immoral” conduct on cancer denial for the cancer patient treatment.

Robert N. Scola –a District Judge in the United States of America, had recently blasted an insurance company named “UnitedHealthcare” –referring to its “barbaric & immoral” conduct over the treatment of cancer patients by its cancer denials. He made the given comments as he was recusing himself from the class-action lawsuit’s hearing due to his cancer battle. In the given issue, the treatment that is referred to as “proton beam therapy” –serves to be a costly alternative to the regular radiation therapy that proponents claim to be a more accurate form of medical treatment with minimal side effects. Multiple opponents have raised the question of whether or not the proton beam therapy is worth the overall costs. Most of the insurance companies tend to deny the coverage for this treatment –claiming that it is still experimental.

The Case of the District Judge

The case that was presented before the District Judge Scola was the one by a survivor of prostate cancer. The survivor had alleged that the insurance company named UnitedHealthcare had denied him coverage wrongfully along with various other coverage for the proton beam therapy treatment.

In the recusal, the judge presented his own case of prostate cancer. He even explained his case in which he consulted some of the top experts in the medical field in the nation about the available options for treatment. Scola explained that he ultimately went for undergoing surgery. However, all the medical experts had given the opinion that if he had opted for the traditional radiation therapy, proton beam therapy was indeed a better alternative in all possible solutions.

Scola’s Fight with the Insurance Company

In his case, Scola also presented the example of his friend who got diagnosed with cancer in 2015. He was presented with a whopping bill of $150,000. The insurance company UnitedHealthcare refused to pay the coverage for his proton beam therapy treatment that he received from the MD Anderson Cancer Center. Only when his friend imposed the threat of litigation, the UnitedHealthcare members decided to reimburse the amount.

While the proton beam therapy for cancer treatment might be skeptical, still there are a number of patients who have shown positive results during the treatment.

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