Jose Enrique –Former Liverpool Defender Beats Cancer

Jose Enrique –the former Liverpool & Newcastle defender, has made the statement recently that he was able to fight cancer effectively.

Sharing his joy and excitement, the former defender from Liverpool & Newcastle –Jose Enrique, has made the revelation that he was able to beat cancer –a deadly “one-in-a-million” type that could have made him lose his eyesight. Now that Jose is cancer-free finally, he expressed his joy, saying he was immensely happy about it after he was awarded the all-clear treatment for his brain tumor.

Jose’s Case with Brain Tumor

The 33-year-old Liverpool defender was diagnosed with a rare case of chordoma –occurring around the left ear nerves. When Enrique was at stage I of the disease, he was not able to brush the teeth or get across the stairs without any aid. Enrique got the tumor removed after undergoing surgery. After surgery, he had to go through a series of radiotherapy sessions before he went for the MRI scan.

Revealing the news of his recovery through an Instagram video, Enrique claimed that he was now cancer-free. After getting his final reports from the MRI scan, it was observed that he was all-clear of cancer.

Enrique’s Impressive Recovery

After Jose made the announcement of his cancer treatment, various leading sports stars and club sides took to the social media profiles to celebrate the great news. In another post, Jose went forward with thanking his fans as well as ex-teammates who were with him throughout the most difficult phase of his life.

Jose is known for his impressive career as a Liverpool & Newcastle defender. He is renowned for making around 127 appearances for the famous Newcastle before he made the whopping £6.5 Million move to Liverpool in 2011. He had played as many as 99 games for the impressive Reds. However, he was released in May 2016 after making around 27 appearances for the side Real Zaragoza belonging to Spain.

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