Joe Biden Promises to Cure Cancer if Elected as President

Vice President Joe Biden addresses the 1,046 members of the U.S. Air Force Academy Class of 2009 during commencement ceremonies May 27, 2009, at Falcon Stadium on the Academy?s campus in Colorado. (U.S. Air Force photo by Mike Kaplan/Released)

Joe Biden –the Democratic candidate for the 2020 Elections, says that the Donald Trump presidency is a threat to the democracy. He says that he can help in curing cancer when he will be elected as the President.

Joe Biden –the former Vice President and the Democratic candidate for 2020 Elections, has made the bold promise that he can help in curing cancer when the voters will elect him as the next President. At a recent campaign in Ottumwa in Iowa, Bide has expressed the difficult one has to face with the loss of the family member while others try to condole the families. He had given the statements in reference to the loss of his son named Beau Biden who had died from brain cancer in the year 2015. This is the reason Joe Biden claims that he had worked so hard in his life such that he can bring forward a change in modern cancer research and treatment. Biden aims at promising that if he is elected as the president, then he will bring about important changes in America that can help in curing cancer.

Biden’s Decision Receives Applause

The decision of Biden with respect to finding cancer cure has received ample applause from people all around. In the year 2016, Joe Biden had headed the specialized program named “Cancer Moonshot” during the administration of Obama. He had joined the program in an effort to come across a cure for cancer. During the initiative, Biden had also launched the Biden Cancer Initiative once he left the office.

The frontrunner at the Democratic Elections for 2020, he aimed at taking shots at the current President Donald Trump while he was campaigning at Iowa. Biden had referred Trump as the existential threat to the entire nation.

More than a Single Disease, More than A Single Cure

In the present era, there are over types of cancer. While each type of cancer has its own cause –ranging from radiation to multiple viruses. Therefore, as each cancer type varies in its characteristics, each one of them demands specialized treatment. As Biden promises to cure cancer, he is talking about curing not just a single type, but a wide range of diseases. He added that some of the diseases might not be able to cure with a single treatment.

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