Jim Kelly Shows He is Cancer-free After the Latest MRI Scans

Jim Kelly –a leading athlete, artist, and actor in America, has shown that he has become cancer-free after his latest MRI scans.

Jim Kelly’s MRI scans have come quite clean, proving that he is cancer-free. This happened after almost a month of undergoing the battle to fight his cancer –which the doctors believed that was the final surgery related to his cancer treatment.

Jill Kelly –Jim’s wife, lately posted on Instagram that the results took slightly longer to come out than what was expected. This happened because of the reconstruction that had happened inside Jim’s mouth. Owing to this reason, the doctors wanted more time to be assured that everything was perfect in Jim’s treatment. Jill added that this was the fourth time that Jim was battling with his oral cancer after going into remission.

Jim’s Successful Career

Jim has served to be a standout at East Brady School –around 60 miles north of Pittsburgh. In his professional career, Kelly has been successful in delivering a Hall of Fame excellence in all of the 11 seasons –serving as the quarterback of the Buffalo Bills. Jim also went on to be selected to the leading 5 Pro Bowls as he received the major 6 division titles. This made him earn the title of the first quarterback who was responsible for guiding his team to straight 4 appearances at the Super Bowl across his career.

After several years of his retirement, Jim started suffering from major health complications. In June 2013, it was revealed that he was having squamous cell carcinoma towards the upper jawbone. He even underwent surgeries to get rid of the tumors. However, in 2014, he revealed that his cancer had returned.

Jim’s Battle with Cancer

After being diagnosed with cancer again in 2014, Jim underwent several weeks of radiation treatment as well as chemotherapy. After this, the doctors had declared him cancer-free in September. His second battle with cancer started taking a major toll on his overall health. He had to undergo as many as 12 biopsies along with the chemotherapy sessions –leading to MRSA infection in the facial bones. He again spent 3 years in remission only to return to oral cancer in March 2018.

With the latest MRI results keeping, it is a great relief that Jim has come clean by getting cancer-free finally. 

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