JERSEY Food Tested for the Presence of Cancer-Causing Chemicals

Jersey food products, including potatoes and milk, have been recently found to contain cancer-causing chemicals.

Jersey food items like potatoes & dairy products have been recently sent for advanced tests over fears that they might be containing cancer-causing chemicals. The tests have been sent to a specialized testing unit in the United States as it is assumed that Jersey milk & potatoes are known to contain a potentially fatal cancer-causing chemical that was once utilized in firefighting foam –found across the water bodies throughout the island.

Tests on Jersey Foods to Reveal the Truth

The tests on the Jersey food items have been proposed as John Young –the Environment Minister has said that the PFOS issue of the Jersey island tends to be much wider than it was initially expected. The researchers have come across traces of major pollutants that have been commonly found in boreholes as well as other sources of water across the island. Most traces of the pollutants have been found within safe limits for the consumption of drinking water. However, earlier in 2019, a stream of water near the island airport was observed to be above the range of 1.0µg/l level –it was considered safe for consumption.

Toxicity of Jersey Waters & Food Items

The authorities from the island’s environment department say that they are required to test the samples of milk products & potatoes –especially the potato-based products from the St. Ouen’s Bay. The reason why these products are being tested is that presumably, they might uptake PFOS. As per the reports of Public Health England, PFOS is known to be toxic upon consumption. Repeated consumption of the same might results into disorders like stomach infection, liver toxicity, and thyroid hormone changes.

Most of the results of the subsequent tests are still awaited. It is believed that out of the amount used for drinking water, the range of PFOS that has been detected in water & food sources on the island varies from 0µg/l to 0.01µg/l. While these are smaller concentrations, continuous consumption of PFOS is known to have drastic effects on the body –even increasing the risk of developing cancer in the long run.

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