Israeli Scientists Claim That They are Close to Finding a Cure for Cancer.

A team of scientists from Israel has claimed that they are about to reach the path to finding a proper cure for cancer. This turns out to be a major breakthrough in the context of a cure for cancer all around the world.

While it does not appear possible, some claim that it is true that a team of scientists from Israel has found a way that could lead them to the way of finding a cure for cancer. The scientists further claim that they might have a cure for cancer within a year. As per the reports from The Jerusalem Post, the scientists claim that the cure might be brief, cheap, and cost-effective. Moreover, the cure will have minimal to no side effects.

The Claim of the Scientists

Dan Aridor –the Chairman at the Board of AEBi (Accelerated Evolution Biotechnologies Ltd.), says that it might be in a year’s time that they might come across a complete cure for cancer. The bio-pharmaceutical company is based in Israel which is under development and is involved in the discovery as well as the development of therapeutic peptides. AEBi is also known to develop the specialized SoAP platform that makes use of the unique combinational biology screening platform technology. The platform is also responsible for providing functional leads including inhibitors, agonist, antagonist, and so more. Cure for Cancer? Possible or Not Possible?

The Cure for Cancer? Possible or Not Possible?

Len Lichtenfeld –MD & ACS (American Cancer Society) Chief Medical Officer, reveals his skepticism over the claim by the scientists. Lichtenfeld noted down several points about the stated media reports:

  • The report is through a news report that is based on the availability of limited information that is provided by researchers and the company that works on the given technology.
  • Lichtenfeld further states that his colleagues at the American Cancer Society tell him about the peptide or phage display techniques. On the other hand, most of the powerful research mechanisms as well as tools for the selection of high-affinity binders, have had faced challenging times to serve as the potential drugs.

Upon stating his points, Lichtenfeld added that he hopes that there is a cure for cancer as soon as possible in the near future. However, at the same time, it is recommended to be cautious while getting affirmation with the given kind of treatment and claims for finding a cure for cancer.

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