Israeli Hospital, Haifa, to Use Tumor Freezing Technology


Within the upcoming months, Israeli Elisha Hospital in Haifa plans to use tumor freezing technology by IceCure Medical Ltd. The technology would be used against benign cancerous kidney tumors and breast tumors, eliminating the need for surgery, according to the Israeli medical devices firm.

The commercial treatment of this product is being initiated for the first time with ProSense system as the startup. According to a report published by IceCure in May, cancer recurrence of breast cancer was lowered after treating it with the IceSense3 system (ProSense earlier version). The treatment typically lasts from twenty to forty minutes.

In the US, a trial has been conducted in 18 clinics including 146 patients suffering from low-risk breast cancer who underwent this treatment. Only one patient showed cancer recurrence. 76% of these patients could indulge in daily activities 48 hours after the treatment. Cosmetic results satisfied 95% of the patients and doctors.

The ProSense treatment utilizes the guidance by ultrasound or CT imaging to insert a thin hollow needle into the tumor, thereby transferring the liquid nitrogen in order to establish highly cold temperature, that would tarnish or ablate the tumor. It would not come in contact with the healthy tissue nor cosmetic appearance would be harmed by any scars, the company claims. After the treatment, patients are capable to continue daily activities, with follow-up procedures attributed with a surgical cyst removal.

The CEO of IceCure says that the initiative of commercializing this treatment in Israel, which has previously made appearance in Japan, Hong Kong, the US, and Europe, is an acknowledgment by the medical community of Israel that commands the use of this treatment as an alternative to surgery and cutting up the breast.

Fibroadenoma type benign tumors, five centimeters in diameter, will be treated with tumor freezing technology, by Dr. Rafi Klein at Elisha Hospital. With time, this treatment will be conducted upon cancerous breast tumors as well. Treatment of kidney tumors will also be conducted.

The more this treatment would succeed, the better an alternative will be present for the cancer patients that can help them get rid of tumor efficiently and take on their daily activities with good health.