Is There a Link Between Obesity and Cancer?


Youngsters burn calories easily. American Council on Exercise has recently noted that when a person exceeds the age of 40, up to 300 fewer calories are burnt. It’s necessary to eat a proper diet that contains necessary vitamins and minerals that are important to burn those calories. This can be a very effective diet if obtained by a starting with fitness inside out.

One thing important to be noted is that all of those nutrients can’t be obtained from the diet. Even if we eat a good diet, still deficiencies remain behind that are important to burn calories. One way to overcome that deficiency is to take supplements and stay free from obesity.


Scientists have found green coffee bean extract as a remedy. That extract is transformed into beans and then roasted. It burns extra carbohydrate molecules present in your gut and in this way a steady glucose level is maintained in blood. This is necessary for weight control.

Currently, obesity is becoming more common. It increases the risk of cancer. Tumor formation varies and it may be due to insulin resistance, resultant chronic hyperinsulinemia, increased bioavailability of steroid hormones and localized inflammation. Obese people have a greater risk of adenocarcinoma, colon cancer, breast cancer, and various other types. Further, obesity increases the risk of hematopoietic cancers, prostate cancers, liver and gallbladder cancers.

Hyperinsulinaemia occurs when insulin resistance develops. This is for adjusting insulin resistance. This increases the risk of tumors in pancreas and kidneys. Insulin-like growth factor-1 (IGF-1) is associated with cancer but isn’t related to obesity. Increases estrogen levels play a role in obesity and lead to endometrial and bladder cancer. Premenopausal women, if they have insulin resistance, are more obese. It aggravates syndromes of ovarian androgen excess and chronic progesterone deficiency which increases possibilities of endometrial cancer.

So maintaining an ideal weight is important for a healthy life.