Iowa Teen with Inoperable Cancer Gets to Meet Ellen

While it is the dream of many out there to get on the prestigious Ellen show, a lucky teen from Iowa who is having an inoperable form of cancer gets to fulfill the same.

Kenzy Larson –a sweet teen girl from Iowa, recently got a chance to meet Ellen and she couldn’t be happier! While many out there dream of marking a presence someday in the world-famous Ellen DeGeneres Show, Kenzy got a chance to be with her idol recently at Ellen’s show. It was a grand moment for Kenzy, who is having an inoperable form of cancer.

Kenzy –the True Warrior

The story of Kenzy has been doing rounds across the online platform for quite a few years. She is a true warrior as she describes her journey of fighting cancer as many as seven times in life. After several attempts of making Kenzy cancer-free, the doctors this time, however, said that her cancer is now inoperable. During her course of cancer treatment, Kenzy expressed her will to meet Ellen DeGeneres at least once in life. To her surprise, she gets to visit and be a part of the Ellen Show in Los Angeles –making one of her biggest dreams come true.

Kenzy’s Dream Come True

As Kenzy had expressed her wish to meet Ellen once, Ellen DeGeneres –known for her generosity, made it possible by inviting Kenzy over to her Ellen Show in Los Angeles. Kenzy got so excited over this incident that she could not contain it. Even her parents rushed to give her a huge hug during the Ellen Show –as the commercial break took place. Given her brave will and courage, Ellen made Kenzy highly comfortable. The producers of the Ellen Show even gave Kenzy a tour of the entire backstage.

Such special moments make the short-lived lifespan of cancer patients quite memorable and happy.

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