Intravenous Vitamin C Serves to be Cancer-Killing – While FDA Wants to Ban It

Vitamin C is known for its antioxidant functionality while serving a wide range of other functions as well. While intravenous vitamin C consumption has been linked with killing cancer, the FDA wants to ban it.

In addition to its rich antioxidant property, vitamin C also possesses the ability to protect the DNA and cell structures from getting damaged due to free radicals. The consumption of vitamin C is regarded as immensely safe even at higher doses. In comparison to the other traditional prescription drugs, there are no potential side effects of consuming vitamin C at the same time.

Vitamin C & Cancer Prevention

Even due to its higher level of concentration, vitamin C has been observed to cause no harm to the healthy cells of the body. Moreover, through a series of metabolic and enzymatic reactions, vitamin C is known to deliver immense protection as well as help in treating a wide number of diseases & conditions, including cancer. When something serves to be effective in the treatment of cancer, the FDA is not expected to stop the public access of the same. For the prevention of cancer, vitamin C reflects antioxidant properties that help in protecting the cell structure as well as functions. It is also known to prevent the formation of harmful compounds that might lead to cancer. Higher dosages of intravenous vitamin C have been delivered to the areas of the tumors preferentially as the vitamin molecule appears similar to that of the sugar molecule.

FDA and Ban on IV Vitamin C

FDA –the Food & Drug Administration, USA has prohibited the small-scale pharmacies from manufacturing or producing IV (Intravenous) vitamin C. This comes after even after realizing the fact that vitamin C serves to be a powerful healing substance and plays a major role in treating a wide range of health problems.

In addition to prohibiting the manufacturing and distribution of IV vitamin C, FDA has also put a ban on the injections of vitamin B100 and magnesium chloride. These elements are being used for the production of “Myers Cocktail” –helpful in treating complicated conditions like hepatitis, AIDS, chronic syndrome fatigue, influenza, and mononucleosis.

While oral dosages of vitamin C can help in correcting vitamin deficiencies and increasing the antioxidant levels in the body, infusions are regarded as immensely useful in reaching the desired levels of antioxidants for fighting cancer effectively.

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