Intake of Aspirin Daily Reduces the Risk of Bowel Cancer in Lynch Syndrome Patients

A study has observed that taking aspirin daily can be associated with the overall reduced risks of developing bowel cancer in people having Lynch Syndrome.

As per all-new draft guidance from the NICE (National Institute of Health & Care Excellence) has observed that taking aspirin on a daily basis can lead to a reduced risk of developing bowel cancer in people having Lynch Syndrome. People who have this inherited medical condition tend to have a higher risk of developing various types of cancers. It is assumed that at least 4 in every 5 people with Lynch Syndrome might develop bowel cancer during the entire lifetime.

Dr. Paul Chrisp –Director at NICE, states that various results from the respective clinical trials have revealed that when you take aspirin daily for at least two years, it can help in reducing the overall risk of developing colorectal cancer in people having Lynch Syndrome.

The Benefits of the Study Outweighing the Overall Risks

The draft guidance by NICE has been initiated after reviewing various instances from a specific clinical trial involving 427 people having Lynch Syndrome. These people were asked to take aspirin. Another group involving 434 Lynch Syndrome patients were given another dummy drug named placebo.

Results of the Study

After around five years, when the researchers observed the results of the study, it was found that 18 patients who took aspirin daily developed bowel cancer in opposition to 30 patients who were the dosage of placebo. The overall reduction in the development of bowel cancer was observed in individuals after almost two years of taking aspirin on a daily basis.

Emlyn Samuel –Head at Policy Development in Cancer Research, United Kingdom, explains that the recommendation by the NICE draft served to be great news for patients having Lynch Syndrome and those having a higher risk of developing bowel cancer in comparison to the general population.

While the news is great for people with Lynch Syndrome, it is also important to note that aspirin comes with specific side effects. As such, the draft recommendation is only for people having Lynch Syndrome, and not for the general public. Any individual who might consider taking aspirin on a daily basis for preventing bowel cancer should firstly consult the situation with the respective doctor.

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