Inspiring –N.S. Woman Makes the Most of Her Life After Cancer Diagnosis

While it might appear as the end of the world upon being diagnosed with cancer, an N.S. woman sets an inspiring example by making the most of her life after being diagnosed with an incurable form of cancer.

Bailey Matheson – a young, lively 35-year-old woman from Nova Scotia, died of her incurable form of cancer on 5th April, 2019. However, while she was alive, she urged people to ‘live a little’ –even when life strikes you down. She was a young, enthusiastic woman who believed in living her life to the fullest –even when she was diagnosed with an incurable form of cancer two years ago. She had started penning down her thoughts in a self-written obituary in which she has written, “While 35 years might not appear too long, but believe me, it was damn good!”

The Spirit of Not Holding Back

Bailey was diagnosed with incurable cancer two years ago. Even after her diagnosis, she did not let herself down and started writing her own obituary. In her writings, Bailey has thanked her family and friends including her boyfriend –all who stood beside her during the tough phase of her life. She thanked them for their incessant support –especially when she decided to let go of her continuous chemotherapy sessions.

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Her close friend, Jenn Irvine, says that Bailey did not wish to resume chemotherapy. This was because she did not want chemotherapy to decline her health further –restricting her from enjoying the time she had left. She did not fear death. She started working on her bucket list that included a number of trips with friends and family.

Enjoying Her “Time Left”

While Bailey took her “time left” to enjoy life, she also provided support and comfort to others around her. She properly spoke about her diagnosis, treatment, thoughts on embracing life, and death. Giving out a strong message to those who might feel weak-hearted upon cancer diagnosis, Bailey sets out an example by living her life to the fullest –whatever time she had. Her message to everyone around through her obituary was to live life a little by giving away negative thoughts and fear in life. Her friend Irvin says that Bailey completely changed the people those who were around her with her courage and strong will. She is a true example of a warrior –yet enjoying life!

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