Inhalable RNA Could Serve Revolutionary for Lung Cancer Treatment


mRNA –Messenger RNA molecules in the body are responsible for providing instructions to the cells for producing certain proteins.  As such, hijacking of the given natural system is evolving as the all-new, revolutionary way of treating a wide number of illnesses.  A group of researchers at MIT have deduced that Inhalable RNA can prove helpful in effective lung cancer treatment.  The researchers have developed the inhalable mRNA aerosol that is capable of taking the molecules directly to the lungs –serving as the new potential for lung cancer or cystic fibrosis.


In the all-new study, the team of researchers at MIT has started developing a new way of delivering mRNA molecules to the lungs.  Through this, the researchers were successful in making the lung cells to produce specific proteins that served useful in fighting diseases like lung cancer or cystic fibrosis.  Indeed, one of the most direct forms of getting medication to the lungs by making the same inhalable.  For the respective tests, the team of researchers at MIT made use of the mRNA molecules that are used for encoding for “luciferase” –a bioluminescent protein.  While the particular protein does not have any benefits, it was yet chosen by the MIT team to observe is the treatment was reaching the lungs and was delivering the message to the lung cells there.

The mRNS molecules were mixed with some particular type of polymer referred to as “hyperbranched poly –beta-amino esters.”  This helps in protecting the payload of the drug from getting broken down the in the body instantly.  The particles of width 150-nm were then suspended in the form of liquid droplets.  After this, they were administered to mice in the form of a breathable mist with the help of a nebulizer.

After 24 hours of the treatment, the researchers observed that the lung cells started producing luciferase.  The overall level of proteins started dropping gradually.  The researchers were able to maintain the high levels of luciferase by repeating the treatment.  This can turn out to be vital for those having chronic illnesses.  After close observation, the researchers observed that mRNA molecule had successfully made it to all the lobes of the lung chamber.  Epithelial lung cells –responsible for lining the surface of the lung, had consumed most of the mRNA molecules.

Given the successful observation of the researchers, inhalable RNA can be great hope to those having lung cancer.

Hope Rises With Us!