Improved Outcomes in Men Having Prostate Cancer with New Revolutionary Treatments


There have been several recent technological advancements in the diagnosis and treatment of Prostate Cancer that have constantly improved the overall survival rates amongst the patients.

Even after the improved outcomes, conditions like urinary, bowel, and sexual side effects still remain a major concern for the patients having prostate cancer. A recent revolutionary advancement –“Hydrogel Spacers” are the latest developments that aim at reducing the overall harmful effects of the radiation therapy.

Hydrogel Spacers are the absorbable gel-like materials that help in temporarily creating a space between the rectum and the prostate. The creation of this extra space helps in protecting the rectum from any kind of radiation exposure during the radiation treatment in patients with prostate cancer.

During the treatment, the gel is injected into the patients before starting the radiation therapy. It is not painful and the overall recovery time tends to be instant. The gel helps in creating the space during the radiation treatment. Within the period of six months, the gel gets absorbed naturally by the body.

A recent report generated after a clinical trial in the International Journal of Radiation Oncology, Biology, & Physics, has revealed that the Hydrogel Spacers are significantly responsible for decreasing the overall side-effects of the radiation therapy during prostate cancer treatment. In addition to improving the overall bowel toxicity, urinary & sexual side effects of the radiation treatment were also reduced substantially.

Combining the technology of the revolutionary Hydrogel Spacers & MRI planning with the involvement of the best-in-class radiation delivery techniques aims at improving the overall results for the prostate cancer diagnosis and treatment. This new concept of treatment is assumed to be a great hope for the patients having prostate cancer in the coming times.