If You Could Reduce Your Risk of Dying from Cancer by 17% by Taking One Vitamin, Would You?

There are approximately 328 million people in the United States, and about half of those play the lottery every year.  Your odds of winning the Power Ball Lottery is one in 292 million.  There is a 39.5% chance that you will get cancer in your lifetime.  If you get cancer, and average both males and females, you have an 18.3% chance of dying from cancer.  Now, you could reduce the risk of dying from all forms of cancer by just over 17%, would you take a simple vitamin? – Vitamin D?  Let’s all take the risk of following good dietary guidelines and put the odds in our favor of winning the lottery of life.

That is correct!  In a newly published study in JAMA Network Open,  25,871 people participated in the research.  Approximately half were given a placebo and the other was given Vitamin D over a five year period.  Both groups experienced about a six percent chance of contracting cancer, but those who took Vitamin D had a 17% less chance of their cancer metastasizing.  Metastasis Cancer is when localized cancer in the body begins to spread to other organs and parts throughout the body.  When cancer metastasizes it becomes harder to control and greatly increases one’s chances of dying.

One of the researchers, Dr. Paulette Chandler said to UPI “The primary message [of our study] is that vitamin D may reduce the chance of developing metastatic or fatal cancer among adults without a diagnosis of cancer.”

The participants that actually took Vitamin D, took a daily dose of 2,000 International Units.

The study found a correlation between obesity and or being overweight did not experience the same results.

What is motivating is those who individuals who maintain a healthy weight and took Vitamin D reduced their chances of dying from cancer by approximately 40%. 

An additional benefit from taking Vitamin D by quoting the author from the UPI article “Recent research on vitamin D suggests that being deficient in the nutrient — which up to 60% of adults are — increases a person’s risk for severe illness from COVID-19.

Besides taking the actual vitamin, we should always try to have a healthy diet of foods that naturally contain vitamin D such as fish, eggs, dairy products, mushrooms, and more.

You may be one of those who enjoy playing the lottery, and the odds are clearly not in your favor of winning the lottery.  But why not play the odds of living from cancer from 17% to 40% by simply swallowing a small amount of Vitamin D every day?

Let’s beat cancer!

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