HPV Vaccines for Boys Will Help in Preventing Thousands of Cancers

Leading health officials reveal that HPV vaccines for boys of age 12-13 years will help in preventing over 29,000 cases of cancers in the United Kingdom in the coming 40 years.

A team of leading health officials has revealed that HPV vaccines for the boys of age 12-13 years will serve to play a vital role in preventing thousands of cases in the UK in the coming times. The boys are expected to be eligible from the starting of the new school year -11 years after the girls received the vaccine. The vaccination is known to provide protection against the human papilloma virus (HPV) –responsible for various types of oral, anal, and throat cancers.

A man named Jamie Ray recalls that he went through “hell & back” when he was diagnosed with throat cancer that was caused by the human papilloma virus. He recalls that he was not able to eat or speak for several months after the diagnosis. By the end of the disease, he was just a skeletal.

Jamie’s Case with Throat Cancer

Jamie Ray from Falkirk says that he had never heard of the HPV virus until he came across the small-sized, disc-like lump that was growing in his neck. In 2010, when Ray was diagnosed with oropharyngeal cancer at the age of 44 years, he underwent a tonsillectomy. Later on, he had to undergo as many as 6 weeks of chemotherapy, followed by another six weeks of radiotherapy.

He required therapy for retaining his muscles such that he was able to talk again. Moreover, he was also left with too little saliva in his mouth, which made the daily chores of eating as well as drinking water a major challenge.

Role of HPV Vaccine for Boys in Cancer Treatment

Dr. David Elliman –the immunization expert at the reputed Royal College of Pediatrics & Child Health, revealed that he was quite welcome to the idea of introducing the HPV vaccination program for the young boys. With time, HPV vaccine can help in reducing cancer cases of multiple types, including anal, oral, and throat cancers. A study estimates that with the HPV vaccine, around 85,000 cancers can be prevented in women, and around 29,000 cases of cancers in men in the United Kingdom.

The experts suggest that the parents out there should consider getting their kids vaccinated for HPV as soon as possible.

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